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At the OEQC

Wednesday, October 28th: We participated in the setup of the OEQC by hanging our own quilts. "Up a bit more", "A little to the left..." and then, a few hours later, all the quilts were hung. We were surprised, amazed, delighted to see our long row of quilts hanging along the entire back wall of the exhibition hall.

Thursday, October 29th - Sunday, November 1st

For 4 (long!) days, literally thousands of visitors came and went, looking, photographing, asking questions, expressing compliments and appreciation.

They asked about our ideas, about how we work together - and many of them said our way of working together was unique and refreshing.

And here we are, together, with 2 of our "Tel Aviv: Symphony by 6 Hands" quilts behind us:

And at our table, with our PortraiTrio quilts in front of us:

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